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Commenting open: May 29, 2024 12:00AM PT - June 26, 2024 11:59PM PT.

Improving Air Quality in Overburdened Communities Grants Comment Period

Ecology is working to improve air quality in Washington communities that are historically overburdened with health, social, and environmental inequities and are highly impacted by criteria air pollution, such as ozone and fine particles. We will soon launch a new, $10-million grant program to help reduce criteria air pollution in 16 overburdened communities, and participating Tribes, across the state.

This grant program will fund organizations serving these communities to conduct community engagement and develop local projects to improve air quality.

This comment period is an opportunity for you to help design the grant program. We have prepared questions to seek specific input, but we also welcome any feedback or recommendations you'd like to share.

Please view our PowerPoint slides to learn more about the grant program and to inform your responses to the questions below. If you have questions about the grant program or about this online comment page, please email

We welcome any input, but we're especially interested in hearing your responses to the following questions:

  1. What is your community interested in working on to reduce air pollution?
  2. What do you think about our proposed scoring categories? (Organizational profile, project narrative, environmental justice, community engagement, and partnerships)
  3. What expenses would you like to see included as eligible for this grant?
  4. What can we do to help you be a successful applicant and recipient?
  5. What are the positive and / or negative impacts this grant program could have on your community?
  6. How can we mitigate or eliminate potential harms of this grant program and/or equitably distribute the benefits?
  7. What else would you like to share?

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